ION Brite® 7 Watt LED Anion Light Bulbs - Cool (3-Pack)

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7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulbs - Cool (3-pack)

7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulbs - Cool (3-Pack)

Looking for a way to save on the ION Brite LED anion light bulbs? Buy a 3-pack and get a 5% discount on the price of each individual bulb.

The ION Brite is a line of mercury-free and non-toxic light bulbs that eliminate germs, smells and VOCs from the bathroom and kitchen areas in your home or small office. Each bulb silently uses the power of anions (negative ions) to fight harmful components such as bacteria and oust odors. Testing shows that a single ION Brite bulb kills 83% of bacteria in a small space of 1 cubic meter within one hour and 99% of bacteria, including E coli, after 24 hours of operation. This means 3 bulbs could completely sterilize and freshen the air even in large kitchens and bathrooms!

Buy individual ION Brite products in cool or warm tones (3W, 5W, and 7W) here! ION Brite bulb's lifespan is approximately 30,000 hours, and they come with a 90-day limited warranty.

WARNING: DO NOT pull the black carbon fiber tip while you handle or install the ION Brite bulb. It will cease ion production and lead to permanent damage; therefore, your warranty will be immediately voided.