ION Brite® 7 Watt LED Anion Light Bulbs - Cool (6-Pack)

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7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulbs - Cool (6-Pack)

7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulbs - Cool (6-Pack) 

This six-pack of 7 watt "cool" anion light bulbs is a great way to save 10% ($5 per bulb)! It provides mercury-free lighting and air purification in large bathrooms, kitchen areas, or living rooms.

Negative ions produced by each ION Brite anion bulb purify the air and generate an incredibly healthy indoor breathing environment. A single LED bulb delivers 39,329,040 of cleansing negative ions per cubic inch. So the more bulbs you use simultaneously, the faster they remove smoke, bacteria, dust and other contaminants from your home. Lab reports prove that harmful concentrations of toxins such as Ammonia, Benzene, Formaldehyde, TVOC and even E. Coli, as well as the most noticeable odors, are reduced or eliminated by even one ION Brite anion bulb within 24 hours of use. Now, imagine how 6 powerful air purifying light bulbs can improve the quality of air even in large spaces!

The ION Brite 7 watt anion bulbs provide 700-850 lumens of light and are also available for purchase in a 3-pack, along with other types of bulbs (3 watt and 5 watt) that are sold individually in warm and cool styles

WARNING: DO NOT pull on the black carbon fiber tip when installing or handling ION Brite bulbs. They will stop producing ions and get damaged. This will result in your warranty being voided.