ION Brite® 7 Watt LED Anion Light Bulbs - Warm (3-Pack)

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7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulbs - Warm (3-Pack)

7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulbs - Warm (3-Pack)

Save 5% off the price of each ION Brite bulb by ordering a 3-pack, and supply your home with sufficient LED lighting while also purifying the air.

The ION Brite anion light bulb has a miniature circuit board and special carbon fiber tip that generates over 2,400,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter and removes harmful substances from your breathing zone. Lab reports prove that the ION Brite is highly efficient at purifying the air in your personal space. The lifespan of every singe ION Brite light bulb is 30,000 hours, which helps you save electricity in the long run. We strongly recommend not to leave the bulbs on for over 10 hours at a time. If you leave the bulb on for longer periods, this can cause too much heat to be trapped around the bulb and lead to premature failure.

You can purchase individual ION Brite products in both cool and warm tones in 3W, 5W, and 7W. There is a 90-day limited warranty on each ION Brite LED Anion Light Bulb.

WARNING: DO NOT pull on the black carbon fiber tip when handling and installing the ION Brite. It will stop producing ions and suffer permanent damage, and your warranty will be voided.