ION Brite® 7 Watt LED Anion Light Bulbs - Warm (6-Pack)

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7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulbs - Warm (6-Pack)

7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulbs - Warm (6-Pack)

Save 10% ($5) off of each ION Brite miniature air cleaning anion bulb by purchasing them in bulk! These amazing light bulbs not only produce energy-efficient LED lighting but also purify the air and reduce the concentration of harmful substances.

The ION Brite is a mercury-free and non-toxic product. It can produce around 2,400,000 negative ions (anions) per cubic cm. Lab tests show that the ION Brite efficiently purifies and sterilizes the air and enhance the quality of your breathing zone. Reduce or completely eliminate bacteria, dust, and smoke and save electricity with the ION Brite! These bulbs can last you up to 30,000 hours, or 3.5 years. It is strongly advised not to leave the bulbs on for over 10 hours at once. Longer consecutive operation can result in excessive heat surrounding the bulbs that typically causes premature failure.

Shop the entire collection of the ION Brite bulbs for single bulbs in 3W, 5W, and 7W (available in both warm and cool tone). Each ION Brite anion light bulb comes with a limited 90-day warranty.

WARNING: DO NOT pull on the bulb's black carbon fiber tip. This will stop production of ions, ruin the bulbs, and void your warranty.