7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulb - Warm

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7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulb - Warm

7 Watt ION Brite® LED Anion Light Bulb - Warm

Get the most out of your light bulbs with the ION Brite! This amazing LED Anion light bulb does more than just simply provide light; it also serves as a powerful germ-killer and air purifier.

Each anion bulb produces 2,400,000 negative ions (anions) per cubic centimeter. Lab test results show that the ION Brite's purification and sterilization qualities help neutralize harmful substances constantly present in the air we breathe. In addition, these bulbs let you save on electricity, since the lifespan of each one of them is approximately 30,000 hours. In order to maximize the bulb's longevity, however, it is not recommended to leave it on for more than 10 hours consequently. Longer periods of operation can result in premature bulb failure due to excessive heat buildup.

This warm tone 7 watt bulb delivers 700-850 lumens of light, but you can purchase a similar 7 watt bulb in a cool tone or shop our 3W and 5W bulbs (available in both warm and cool tone).

WARNING: Under any circumstances DO NOT pull the black carbon fiber tip while handling or installing the ION Brite bulbs. This will interfere with the ion production, damage the bulbs, and lead to your warranty being voided.