Basic Coffee Enema Kit (2 Quarts)


100.00 LBS
Basic Coffee Enema Kit  (2 Quarts)

Basic Coffee Enema Kit  (2 Quarts) Coffee Enemas: The History and Benefit

This basic Enema Kit that includes a rubber 2-qt. enema bag, hook, clamp, stopper, hose, and rectal and vaginal tips is a cost-effective solution for at-home coffee enemas.

Dr. Max Gerson recommends coffee enemas to anyone in need of detox as a powerful and safe way to remove toxins from your body and enhance the effects of your nutritional balancing program. They help improve digestion and cleanse the liver, thus eliminating extra free radicals and leading your body to a better health. Coffee enemas are recommended daily for the most effective results and can be done at home with no excessive efforts on your part. 

Try our Enema Fix Medical Grade Enema Kit (2 Quarts) or Coffee Enema Bucket - Stainless Steel (2 Liters) is you are are latex sensitive or prefer something other than a basic rubber enema bag. Those options are both latex-free and easy to clean; they are portable and can be used when you travel, and on top of that, the quality hose that comes with those kits will not kink.