IR Guardian Near Infrared Glasses

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IR Guardian Infrared Eye Protection Glasses at Wellness Shopping Online

IR Guardian | Near Infrared Sauna Glasses

ir-guardian-logo1.png Small doses of exposure to infrared, such as sitting by a fire, do not pose much concern. However, detoxifying with daily near infrared saunas significantly increases the exposure time and frequency to near infrared light.

It is essential to shield the eyes and prevent potential damage from these powerful rays of light. 

IR Guardian is a pair of specialized infrared eye protection glasses. They are custom manufactured with polycarbonate lenses to cover 100% of IPL 190-1800 nano meters (nm) of light, and are also rated for UV400 protection.  The glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 and CE EN166, and have an OD rating of OD 4+. 

There are no other safety glasses available that can cover the same range of light as these.  Sun glasses, tanning glasses, and even glasses that are rated for laser protection are not sufficient to block the 700-1400 rays that comes with near infrared sauna therapy.


In fact, IR Guardian glasses are so effective that they can be used as effective eye protection from lasers and other types of high intensity light equipment. 

These glasses are lightweight and comfortable. They can easily fit over prescription glasses, and fully cover the sides of the eyes without blocking or inhibiting peripheral view.  

Safely engage in near infrared sauna therapy, or any intense light activity, while protecting your eyes with IR Guardian.